New Year’s Party Hats

Whether your kids will be staying up until midnight or not, they can still celebrate the New Year with these fun Coloring Party Hats! Just color, decorate and turn them into party hats. Kids will love this fun and creative way to ring in the New Year!

Things you will need:

-Free Printable Party Hats

-Crayons or Markers

-Glitter, pom poms, etc (optional)


-Tape or Glue

-Ribbon, String or Elastic

They are are a perfect easy activity for kids to do while waiting for the New Year. You can print these on regular paper or cardstock for extra durability, then have the kids color and decorate. After they finish their artwork, cut them out, tape or glue where the tab is, and attach a string or elastic. 

Click here to download :

New Year’s Party Hat


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Party Hats

    • Thank you so much Reme! It means a lot for me! I hope you have enjoyed it a lot 😉 Thanks for sharing my blog!


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