Seven Continents

We have learned today that there are 7 continents, which are:

1) North America

2) South America

3) Africa

4) Europe

5) Asia

6) Australasia or Australia

7) Antarctica 

Here you have a song to remember them all:


Where is …?

Os dejo una canción para trabajar las preposiciones, algunas ya las sabemos, como IN, ON, UNDER pero hemos aprendido unas nuevas:

1) Behind

2) Near

3) In front of 

4) Next to

5) Between

Where is the monkey?

In, on, under

Where is the cat? Try to figure out where the cat is in every picture… We will see the answers tomorrow…

The Earth is made up of…

The Earth is made up of rocks and minerales and rocks can be different colours, sizes and shapes.

The Earth is called the Blue Planet because of the abundance of water on the planet ( look at the photo below) and the Earth is a sphere 🔴 ( it is the shape of a ball ⚽️🏀🎾⚾️🏐)

Look at the following PDF and you will remember four different rocks that we have already learned:

1) Granite

2) Marble

3) Slate

4) Iron

Rocks PDF


Today we have started English Unit 6 and we have learned new vocabulary related to the playground: slide, swing, seesaw, climbing frame, sandpit and also things that we could find in the park, such as flowers🌻🌻, trees🌲 or bushes🌳.

Let’s play with this game and the flashcards to review the new vocabulary. Have a nice day!



Look at Pete’s playground!