Domestic and wild animals

There are animals that live near people and they are called domestic animals. They give us food ( cows or chicken) 🐮🐣🐔and they give us company ( hamsters, kitten or puppies)🐭🐱🐶. 

There are also wild animals, who they don’t live near people. They live in their own habitats. For example: crocodile🐊🐊, snakes🐍🐍, tigers🐅🐅 or leopards🐆🐆



The vertebrates can be divided into five groups:

1) Mammals: they have fur. Example: lion.

2) Birds: they have wings and a beak. Example: parrot.

3) Amphibians: they have moist skin. Example: salamander.

4) Reptiles: they have scales and tail. Example: snake.

5) Fishes: they have gills and fins. Example: Nemo!😉☺️

Speaking: What are you wearing today? I’m wearing…

We are learning about clothes’ vocabulary and this is how we practise it at school…

Students were wearing some customs ( in fact, it was my clothing 😁…)and they were practising the structures:

– What are you wearing today?

– I’m wearing a sun hat and a skirt.

– What colour is your sun hat?

– My sun hat is yellow and black.

– What colour is your skirt?

– My skirt is grey.

We had a lot of fun today and they were learning without being conscious, just playing!


Our Weather Wheel: Arts and Crafts

We were learning about the weather and in Arts and Crafts, we have done a Weather Wheel to review the vocabulary related to this topic:

– Sunny☀️☀️☀️

– Cloudy☁️☁️☁️

– Partly Cloudy🌤🌤🌤

– Stormy⛈⛈⛈

– Windy🌬🌬🌬


– Rainy🌧🌧🌧

These are some of the works that our students have done 🙂 Lovely!