Second grade: spooky Halloween’s Breakfasts!

Today we have celebrated Halloween at school and look at how terrorific and spooky they are ! Also Alba has prepared chocolate lollipops for everyone and she has won a prize! Thank you Alba :)😊😊😊

All of them look like delicious and very spooky !👻👻👻👻🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸

Thank you so much for your implication 🙂 

Your teacher,



First Grade: Adjectives

We are learning about adjectives to describe our toys. Let’s see the structures we are learning and let’s try to practice at home! 

– What is your favourite toy?

– My favourite toy is a doll. It’s old and small.

Big- small.                           Slow- fast                                                             Old- new 

Now, let’s enjoy and learn with some videos:

Second Grade: Let’s learn about the Solar System and the planets!

We are learning about the Solar System and about the planets and I would like to show you flashcards related to “space vocabulary”.

We already know that there are EIGHT planets in the Solar System, where the SUN is the centre and they move around it.  Don’t forget that PLUTO is NOT a planet, it is consider by de NASA a dwarf planet (very little planet). 

Have a look to the following flashcards:

Flashcards 1

Flashcards 2

And now, let’s enjoy the following videos about the Solar System:

And now, look at how interesting is that: