Second Grade: Liquids and Solids


Second Grade: International Day of the Families ( 15th May)

We are celebrating the International Day of the Families and we want to show you, as a family, our gratitude for the effort you make everyday with your children.

This day is special and it provides an opportunity to promote the value of every type of family . 😊😊

We were also improving creativity and teamwork between our students .

Hope you like and enjoy this day 🙂


First Grade: Vertebrates

The vertebrates can be divided into five groups:

1) Mammals: they have fur. Example: lion.

2) Birds: they have wings and a beak. Example: parrot.

3) Amphibians: they have moist skin. Example: salamander.

4) Reptiles: they have scales and tail. Example: snake.

5) Fishes: they have gills and fins. Example: Nemo!

Second Grade: Natural and manufactured materials

In this unit, we are learning about :

Natural materials, which are made from living things (animals and plants) or from the ground ( rocks and minerals).

Examples: wool, cotton, oil, petroleum or sand

Manufactured or man-made materials, which are made from people and came from natural materials, that are transformed through chemical processes.

They can be: plastic, glass, fabric, paper or metal.

Here there is a PPP that you could use to study and that belongs to the blog :