First and second grade students tribute to the World Down Syndrome Day ( 21st March 2018)

People with Down syndrome can and do bring so much to the community, wherever they live around the world, when given the opportunity.

Being different is being cool!

Here it is a little tribute for them 🙂


Second Grade: Tap the Magic Tree

To celebrate Spring , we have read in class “Tap the Magic Tree”. We have seen how the seasons change and we have been enjoying with ease this lovely interactive book !

They were cooperating together and having fun in this day :)🌼🌺🌷🌹🌸🌻💐🦋

First Grade: The Earth is made up of…

The Earth is made up of rocks and minerales and rocks can be different colours, sizes and shapes.

The Earth is called the Blue Planet because of the abundance of water on the planet ( look at the photo below) and the Earth is a sphere  ( it is the shape of a ball )⚽️🏐🎾🎱

Look at the following PDF and you will remember four different rocks that we have already learned:

1) Granite

2) Marble

3) Slate

4) Iron

Rocks PDF