Second Grade: Recipe

We have seen how to make “Funny Face sandwich” in class…

So, I challenge you to make a ” Funny Face sandwich” this weekend using different ingredients and having fun in family (always do it with an adult, please !👀👀 🙂 Let’s be the new MasterChef Junior!

Send me your photo by email and I will post your photos in the blog… You have until Sunday, the 19th at 21.00 h to do it! Let’s show how creative are you!!!


Second Grade: Writing down numbers from 1 to 100

In Second Grade, students have been practicing how to write down numbers from 1 to 100. Last year we have already learned numbers from 1 to 20 and this year, we are learning, little by little and step by step, how to learn how to write the numbers: thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety and one hundred.

Let’s see how we do it in class using whiteboards 🙂

Second Grade: Autumn Poems

Our students have done Autumn Poems to celebrate that we are in Autumn. We have learned and memorized this lovely poetry:

Autumn leaves

Leaves are falling.

Leaves are falling.

To the ground.

To the ground.

Look at all the colours.

Look at all the colurs.

Red, yellow, brown.

Red, yellow, brown.