First and second grade students: We learn how to recycle

In class, we have created different rubbish bins in order to learn how to separate rubbish and recycle it.

Look at these photos and talk about it with your children…

In order to improve the importance of the recycling , our school is going to participate in the ECOVIDRIO PROJECT called “Los Peques Recicladores”.

Here you have the link to vote every day our school and we will a fantastic prize for our school!

The only thing that you have to do is bring your pieces of glass that you have at home and put it in the big rubbish bin that there is at our school! Let’s do it all together!!!


Second Grade: Sports Actions and British Sports

We have already seen that there are different sport actions when we do sports and also we have learned easy and enjoyable sports that we will practice tomorrow in class. Let’s review the actions and the sports:

1. Run

2. Jump

3. Hit

4. Kick

5. Bounce

6. Throw 

7. Catch

Here are the sports that British ( and Spanish people ) do and enjoy them a lot:

1. The egg and spoon race

2. The sack race

3. The ballon toss

4. The wheelbarrow race

Don’t forget to practice these games at home with your friends and family and enjoy playing traditional games !!!